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HORIZON provides comprehensive land use, political advocacy, community relations, and project management services to support the real estate industry, owners, and franchisees.


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Our MISSION is to help developers, investors and expanding businesses quickly navigate the complex land use regulatory environment by leveraging expertise, cultivated political relationships, and context-sensitive community outreach.
HORIZON delivers as a trusted single-source solution with entitlement, architectural, traffic consulting, project management, and permit expediting capabilities to cut red tape and ultimately reduce the risk associated with development, to provide piece of mind for our stakeholders and facilitate projects that enhance the built environment.

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With over 10 years of development entitlement expediting, our cultivated relationships and best practices will work for you.


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In the beginning...

HORIZON Development + Entitlement was established in 2014 by Nichole Smith, a second generation land use entitlement consultant armed (at that time) with 8 years of entitlement expertise, 10 years of real estate development experience with an emphasis on affordable housing, and meaningful relationships with neighborhood groups, elected officials, and senior City personnel.

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Experience Matters

We have successfully navigated challenges that would surprise others, with successful projects that span the development spectrum throughout Southern California.  We provide expertise with the following types of development:    
Due Diligence Feasibility Studies Political Advocacy
Develop + Execute Layered Entitlement Strategies Community Engagement
Assemble + Coordinate Development Team Project Management
Land Use Planning, Permit Expediting, CEQA, NEPA Facilitate Public Private Partnerships
General Plan Amendment/Zone Change, Subdivision + Final Map expediting, Variances, Conditional Use Permits, Coastal, Density Bonus, Specific Plan Exemptions, Radius Map Prep, etc. Restaurant, Alcohol, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Hotel, Institutions, Schools, Recycling MRF, Gas Stations, Supermarkets, Historic Preservation/Reuse, Right of Way

HORIZON accelerates



Our growth phase was accelerated when Chevron sponsored HORIZON to complete the UCLA Management Development for Entrepreneurs program.  We are implementing our Business Improvement Plan.  Integral to our growth strategy is the addition of Jack Bryant to our lean machine.  An experienced land use expediter and multi-family residential property manager, with a degree in Anthropology from the California State University in Northridge, Jack provides efficient streamlined operation as a senior project manager committed to constant contact with clients and diligent project tracking and expediting with municipalities.

What we do


Why choose us... HORIZON is one of few firms listed on the official City of Los Angeles expediters list.

  • Develop Layered Entitlement Strategies
  • Political Advocacy
  • Community Engagement

Land Use Entitlement

HORIZON is in constant engagement with the City, a must for a successful entitlement expediter.  The development landscape is constantly evolving.  From ordinance and code updates to changes in the interpretation of code requirements, HORIZON is engaged in a continuous dialogue with City personnel to stay abreast of current and pending policy.  With over 20 projects in the pipeline at any given time, spanning the range of entitlement types, our conversations with the Planning Department occur weekly.  With over 10 years of entitlement expertise and 15 years of real estate development experience, we have successfully navigated challenges which would surprise others.   We are also active in organizations to contribute to the conversations that shape policy.

  • Mayor/ Supervisor/ City Council
  • Neighborhood Council
  • Public Hearing

Community + Government Outreach

HORIZON excels at engaging key community members and connecting developments to their surrounding communities.  The critical technical components of each project are framed by the context of the existing built environment.  With cultivated ethical relationships with key officials, representation and advocacy before government agencies, and input from community stakeholders, HORIZON Development + Entitlement goes beyond expert land use consulting to deliver tailored strategies for effective permit expediting, on time and within budget.  

  • Project Schedule Management
  • Proforma Development and Value Engineering
  • Scalable Project Teams with Expert Consultants

Project Management

We provide the team, clear direction, and group commitment to coordinate development teams on time and on budget.  We coordinate development teams to provide architectural, civil engineering, structural engineering, financing, and constriction teams.  We are equipped with a team of experts for whatever curve ball the City throws our way, including: traffic engineers, soils and geotechnical reports, noise and vibration, tenant relocation, historical conservation consultants, shade shadow studies, ADA compliance and many more.  With an open channel of communication with the client our teams work seamlessly to expedite development.

  • Access to Decision Makers
  • Industry Networking
  • Development Team Building

Access to Decision Makers

Each year HORIZON hosts a networking event to provide a dialogue with decision makers and networking within the real estate development industry.  These intimate opportunities facilitate synergy within the industry and provide insight on the policy priorities.  Contact us now to receive invitation information on our 3rd event in October 2018.

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SMART. FAST. STRONG. We stay engaged as policies that guide development are developed and refined and use this knowledge to develop entitlement strategies for complex, time-sensitive projcets. Our 10+ years of experience enable us to identify potential hurtles quickly with the agility to provide a team of experts tailored to your project. The strength of our cultivated relationships cuts red tape and enables us to build consensus for you.

  • Site Photographs
  • Radius Maps
  • Building Concensus

Radius Maps
Conceptual Site Plans, Floor Plans, Elevations
Land Use Entitlements
Project Management
Feasibility Studies

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Commercial: Restaurant/Cafe, Grocery, Entertainment, Alcohol

Residetial: Luxury, Senior, Affordable, Small Lot, Condominium, and Mixed Use

Institution: Schools

Industrial: Recycling Material Recovery Facillity (MRF)