Charter School
Village Charter School: Modular Buildings

Village Charter School: Modular Buildings

Expanding school capacity with modular classroom, office, and restroom buildings.

School Expansion with Modular Buildings Classroom, Office, Restroom

When Village Charter School needed to expand it’s school capacity to provide classrooms for 3rd and 4th graders they called on HORIZON.  Their need was twofold:  First, their operation in a single family zone required renewal of a Conditional Use Permit; Second, they were not experienced construction managers.  HORIZON provided a single source solution with the following services:

  1.  Prepare Entitlement Application
  2. Prepare Radius Map
  3. Prepare Site Plan, Floor Plans, and Elevations
  4. Coordinate LADOT review
  5. Community Outreach
  6. Public Hearing Representation
  7. Obtain Bids from Modular Classroom Vendors
  8. Coordinate Soils Report
  9. Coordinate Building Permit
  10. Project Management during Construction
  11. Inspection Sign-off
  12. Coordinate Certificate of Occupancy
  • Category : Development / Education / Outreach
  • Date : April 18, 2017
  • Client : Usla Ink
  • Address :
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