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Zoning Approvals + Building Permits + PR

HORIZON is in constant engagement with the City, a must for a successful land use and building permit expediter. Land use planning regulations (known as entitlements) are constantly evolving. From zoning code updates to changes in the interpretation of building requirements, HORIZON is engaged in a continuous dialogue with City personnel to stay abreast of current and pending policy. With several projects in the pipeline at any given time, spanning the range of entitlement types, our conversations with the Planning and Building Departments occur weekly. With over 15 years of entitlement expertise and 20 years of real estate development experience, we have successfully navigated challenges which would surprise others. HORIZON works with community groups and local government to build consensus for public hearings and get projects approved.  Let’s start a conversation, call 323-528-7674.

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Our services expedite development

  • Public Hearings
  • Community Meetings
  • Meetings with Local Elected Officials

Community Engagement + Political Advocacy

As development shapes communities, we represent developers to engage with community stakeholders to highlight the merits of design.  Through community engagement, development can incorporate features that reflect and enhance the built environment.

  • Density Bonus/ Transit Oriented Communities (TOC & TOD)
  • Conditional Use Permit / Zone Variances / Zone Change
  • Subdivisions / Planned Unit Development

Planning + Entitlements

HORIZON specializes in complex layered entitlements.  We speak the same language as the City and work to align the merits of each project with the goals, objectives and policies of the local zoning ordinances.  Our practice spans the range of development from multi-family housing, to charter schools, to restaurants and grocery stores, we have experience to guide our clients, cut red tape, and secure project approvals.  We understand ow entitlements add value to each site.  Our insight can help you uncover new opportunities. HORIZON can also serve as a municipal partner.  Our experience with multiple jurisdictions provides insight to help Cities update their General Plan, Community Plans, Plan Overlays, and Zoning Codes.

  • Department of Building and Safety
  • Bureau of Engineering
  • Planning Department
  • Disabled Access
  • Fire Department

Permit Expediting

Covid-19 has transformed the process of expediting building permits.  HORIZON maintains relationships with permitting departments and knows the faces behind the portals to keep your project clearances moving.  We are happy to work with your team of architects and engineers and serve as a single point of contact for all permitting departments.

  • Place capital for waterfall opportunities
  • Equity participation for services
  • We can invest in your next project


HORIZON Development + Entitlement looks at multiple types of investing and investors.  Contact us to place equity for new developments or other value add opportunities.  We will consider providing our services for an equity position in your next development.  For short term projects or smaller projects raising mezzanine finance, we may be interested in providing funds.  Contact us to start a conversation.

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Established in 2014

Our Story



HORIZON Development + Entitlement, LLC, a MBE/SBE/WBE, was established in 2014 by Nichole Smith, a second generation land use entitlement consultant committed to building generational wealth. HORIZON brings real estate development expertise with an emphasis on affordable housing, schools, and large commercial properties. We work thoughtfully with community groups and local governments to build consensus and get projects approved.

Crenshaw Corridor DRB


Development Enhances Communities

HORIZON believes that development can reflect and enhance communities.   As Chair of the Crenshaw Corridor Design Review Board, HORIZON's Principal Nichole Smith seeks to help developers via recommendations to provide quality design, landscaped open space that beautifies the community, and commercial components that provide local jobs and enhance the community character.  It is the an honor to serve the community where Nichole grew up and continues to be a stakeholder.

Small Lot Subdivision


Inglewood's First Small Lot Subdivision

While Small Lot Subdivisions were fueling development and expanding homeownership in Los Angeles, the neighboring City of Inglewood started working with HORIZON on the City's first Small Lot Subdivision project.  HORIZON delivered the first of this type of development.  We are excited by complex ground breaking entitlements that provide a pathway for phenomenal projects that provide quality housing for deserving families.



Success is built from the ground up. Our success has been built through the referrals of our amazing clients, colleagues, and friends.