$4.8 Million investment, 25,000 sf Venue

Restaurant + Brewery + Live Entertainment Venue

Music, Dancing, Outdoor Dining, Restaurant, Café, all in South LA

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Restaurant + Brewery
Brewery Restaurant

Brewery Restaurant

HORIZON Development + Entitlement is excited to work with this exciting black-owned entrepreneurial business, started by fellow Cal alums.

$4.8 Million investment, 25,000 sf Venue

HORIZON Development + Entitlement is excited to work with South Los Angeles Beverage Company, an exciting black-owned entrepreneurial business on the Beehive campus, started by fellow Cal alums.   The 25,000 sf forthcoming venture will debut its restaurant, brewery, café, and event venue with live entertainment in LA next year.

HORIZON worked with the Neighborhood Council and the 9th Council District to garner support for this catalytic $4.8 Million investment in an Opportunity Zone.  The project utilizes the industrial zone to provide a brewery that is enhanced with a restaurant that will offer sit-down dining and rotating menu offerings from multiple chefs.  The site will have outdoor seating, the capability to provide live entertainment, and an open area that will allow dancing.  The site is in an underserved area that is undergoing an exciting transformation.

Further, HORIZON supports the commitment of the owner to create jobs, hire from the local community, and reinvest a portion of proceeds back into the local community.


  • Category : Community Relations / Entitlements / Public Hearing
  • Date : July 30, 2021
  • Client : South Los Angeles Brewery
  • Address : 911 E. 61St. St., Los Angeles, CA
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